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Key Investment Milestones

Equity Crowdfunding Success – $1,000,000 is Within Reach Last week we celebrated raising capital of $750,000 from over 400 individual investors. This pool of shareholders are now PKA SoftTouch Co-owners with each investor entitled to a stake in our company proportional to their investment. With the offering currently at $0.20 per share and entry-level investments […]

Understanding the Trial Process

As many of you may know, PKA SoftTouch Corp. (PKA) raised enough capital last year to fund veterinary trials. This year, we are raising further funds for human clinical trials, which should be the final stage before commercialization and the ability to sell licences of our Micro-needle technology. PKA’s leaders are very experienced at successfully […]

$250,000 boost allows us to conduct Vet Clinical Trials

This week, PKA SoftTouch fulfilled a huge milestone; we exceeded our minimum target raise of $250,000. As I sit down to write this article on a Thursday evening, we have attained $260,000 in capital from our Frontfundr crowd-equity raise with another $26,000 in processing. So far, 180 investors (now PKA co-owners/shareholders) have helped us achieve […]

New Micro-Needle Holds the Answer for Painless Medical Injections in Pets and Farm Stock

Once the patented Canadian-developed PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle becomes commonly used for animal/pet healthcare, veterinarians will no longer need to draw medications into old fashioned syringes from a vial, and more importantly, animals will feel no pain from injections. And, the need for sharps disposal will be completely eliminated. How can this be true? The Micro-Needle […]

The PKA Micro-Needle’s Wide Range of Drug Compatibility

Wide Range Drug Compatibility

When Dr. Modi and I created the PKA Micro-Needle, we wanted to ensure the device had a wide range of applications, just like the syringe. Our design achieved this. Our medical device easily accommodates many different kinds of drugs. The most popular drugs that the device could be used for are: Insulin Vaccines  Heparin Pain […]

Help us change medication delivery forever!

During my travels to Canada’s teaching hospitals, my most shocking revelations were the frequency of needlestick injuries and medication errors among doctors and nurses. Most impacted were the IV therapy teams that were responsible for the majority of sticks necessary to maintain viable medication and fluid delivery sites for patients.  IV Nurses were stressed as they […]

Our Personal Motivation

Dick Crawford, CEO and Co-founder When I first met Dr. Modi I was impressed with his profound ‘out of the box’ inventiveness. He is brilliant. I decided to join him in helping create a company to bring his micro-needle invention to the market. Since then, we have navigated the minefields presented to a new and […]

New (painless) injection technology; low-priced and incredibly easy to use

The purpose of our single-shot, pre-filled, pre-measured device is simple: to deliver a drug to the body of the patient effectively and painlessly. Our revolutionary technology, the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle, achieves this with every single application. About the size of a cork, our device, when properly applied to the skin of an animal or human, […]

No Pain, All Gain

Our skin is composed of two layers, the epidermis and the dermis.  The dermis contains a further two layers: the papillary and the reticular dermis, and beneath this, is the subcutaneous tissue composed of fatty tissue and nerves. There are three primary methods by which drugs may be injected: subcutaneously, intramuscularly and intradermally. The PKA […]