Help us change medication delivery forever!

During my travels to Canada’s teaching hospitals, my most shocking revelations were the frequency of needlestick injuries and medication errors among doctors and nurses. Most impacted were the IV therapy teams that were responsible for the majority of sticks necessary to maintain viable medication and fluid delivery sites for patients.  IV Nurses were stressed as they contemplated their risks due to numerous inadvertent needle stick injuries. Coupled with this concern was the quiet and lesser-known tragedy of medication errors that resulted in needless morbidity and mortality in clinical settings across our country.  I can’t imagine the intensity of stress these two issues have caused during the Covid-19 pandemic.

My journey in the healthcare industry gave me an insider view of the challenges in bringing a Canadian medical device to market.  I served as a New Product Manager and Business Manager, to leading firms in the industry such as Johnson & Johnson and Ciba-Geigy. While serving as a Branch Manager and Division Director for Investors Group, I met an entrepreneur and engineer who specialized in medical building construction, Dick Crawford P.Eng, CEO of PKASoftTouch and Crawford Building Consultants.  For several years I followed Dick’s progress to launch an innovative medical device – PKA SoftTouch Microneedle Device. I was impressed with Dick’s energy and determination to solve the issues which I mentioned earlier by bringing to market a painless, more accurate, rapid and safer delivery method than the traditional needle and syringe, featured here: PKA SoftTouch Opportunity

I became so intrigued by the PKA project that I eventually concluded my career in Financial Services to join him in the hope that part of my legacy would be introducing this device to millions of patients and clinicians.  This brings me to the present day, where PKA SoftTouch Corporation has finalized the commercial product design ready for its last clinical validation to seek licensing partners among the pharmaceutical industry. We have contracted with Canada’s leading equity crowd-funding firm to help guide us through this final stage. The rest of the story is here: Click here to invest in a Painless Future! 

Current concerns about the rapid deployment of Covid-19 vaccines have made this story even more poignant today. We are entering a new Normal, where innovation and entrepreneurs in all areas become even more critical, although sources of capital may be scarce.  However, good ideas continue to attract wealth, and difficult times drive innovation. I can imagine a day where your doctor diagnoses you remotely, and your treatment arrives via drone at your doorstep where you can painlessly inject yourself. I hope that you might consider joining us on this quest to change medication delivery forever!

PKA SoftTouch Corp. is a leading-edge research and development company that has created a unique, proprietary device: the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle. This breakthrough technology will replace the outdated syringe in drug applications for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and veterinary industries by offering pain-free medication and vaccine delivery. Equity in PKA SoftTouch is now available