Since our Last Wildly Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Since our last wildly successful equity crowdfunding campaign closed in November 2020, we’ve been super busy at PKA SoftTouch Corp.

If you follow us or invest in our internationally patented microneedle technology, you’ll recall that last fall we soared past our most recent crowdfunding goal by 175% raising $437,000.  Those investment dollars are paying for all the groundwork needed for our upcoming veterinary clinical trials at the University of Guelph, Ontario. Once those trials are complete, we expect to see veterinary pharmaceutical companies stepping in to license our technology, leading to a preliminary revenue stream.

Another Chance to Invest

And no, you haven’t missed out on this groundbreaking opportunity! Our next equity crowdfunding raise gives you a chance to participate in the vast and growing injectable drug and vaccine market, valued at $369 billion in 2017 with growth projected to $779 billion by 2024. Our hot news is that we will soon begin the campaign for $500,000 to finance those human clinical trials, complemented by a further raise of $700,000 from accredited investors, for a total of $1.2 million.

We will keep you posted as we move closer to the launch date when, once again, you can invest for a minimum of $500 on the well-known FrontFundr platform.

In the meantime, if you are one of our 435 large and small investors, you know a couple of things already: You’ll know the ethical and financial elegance of investing in this medical technology. You get the chance to turn a tidy profit on your investment and to also bring a life-saving disposable and painless drug injection device to the world marketplace at the same time.

At a time when it couldn’t be needed more! From a socially responsible investment perspective, it doesn’t get much better.

At PKA SoftTouch, we know it can be hard to be patient with the process, and medical device investors are often prepared to wait ten years before they see a return on their investment. We expect to have money flowing into your pockets well before that.

Testing right on track

We’re right on track to move to our veterinary clinical trials. Part 1 of this two-stepped process, using easily modified 3-D technology for our medical devices, is slated for the mid-MayThe second and final part of the veterinary trials takes place in December. By then we will have tweaked and refined our device technology by curating moulds to the point of perfection and complete reliability and lower costs.

A key asset in this entire process is PKA founder Dick Crawford’s skillset and extensive background as a project engineer for large pharmaceutical builds. Dick knows how to co-ordinate, plan and project-manage with the very best and keeps all the bits and pieces flowing in harmony.

So watch this space – we have lots to tell you in the upcoming weeks as we get ready for our next equity crowdfunding launch!

2 thoughts on “Since our Last Wildly Successful Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

  1. R.D. Kuch says:

    Good evening
    I and my family have made a significant investment in PKA and we’re into our 7th yr of waiting…..
    I’m sure I’ve read the latest newsletter and it seems an almost photocopy of ones from years ago…. Always the promise of a trial /testing that’s right around the corner. As investors, we want to hear both the setbacks and the sunshine. Holding out but in reality, our investment, even using relatively conservative vehicles, would have doubled at this point.

    • Larry Smoot says:

      Apologies for my tardy reply. I’ve found that there is an issue with our contact form which I will be working on repairing today. I know that our forward movement has been rather methodical, however we are subject to the regulations of Health Canada and the FDA in the US. That being said, our veterinary clinical trial will be taking place in mid June, we’ll have an exact date soon from the university. The trial will only take two or three days and we should have the final report from the study within two weeks after the trial. I realize the information we have been sending appears repetitive — this is due to the painstaking, methodical process we must adhere to. We truly are close to our goal. Near the end of this month, we will be kicking off our next round of equity crowdfunding that will raise the funds to complete the human trials tentatively scheduled for 2022. Indeed this has been a long road, but I believe it will, in the end, be worth the wait. Both the Canada and the U.S. along with other developed countries have already put in orders for millions of doses for COVID booster inoculations for 2022. We hope to be poised for that round of boosters. Once we have the results from this first clinical trial I am setting the steps in place to convince the Federal Government to help fast-track our human trials to be ready for the administration of those booster injections. If you should have any other questions or concerns, please contact me directly at:

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