The New Healthcare Paradigm — Post COVID 19

Time and innovation wait for no one: Star Trek celebrated it’s 52nd anniversary this past week! Now, many of these futuristic devices are today’s reality.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if managing your healthcare could be as easy as ordering something on Amazon, and receiving it same-day delivery via courier or drone?

@PkaSoftTouch has developed a medication delivery system that can be used safely, painlessly and accurately by all ages and can be self-administered. Our tiny and hidden microneedle is cradled in a device no bigger than the average thumb, and the device comes correctly pre-loaded with medication. 

Remote diagnostic tech is already available for diabetics. Wearable health monitoring devices are now providing EKG, blood oxygen levels, heart rate variability and glucose readings. PKA Softtouch’s microneedle could complete the process with fast, painless insulin injections.   This vision of personalized diagnosis and treatment has captivated the world during this global pandemic: our mobility is constrained, and normal social interaction will continue to be limited for some time to come. 

Doctors and nurse practitioners are turning to Zoom and phone consults with their patients to minimize waiting room exposure as much as they can. Virtual Visits and Teleheath Visitsare surging. A new pandemic-driven wellness focus is driving patient and consumer spending towards preventative medicine as well as self-monitoring and novel treatment options. At PKA Softtouch Corporation, we envision a new normal: patients with an emailed diagnosis and prescription plan in hand, waiting at their door for a prescription couriered from the local pharmacy. Who wants to leave their home when healthcare diagnosis and treatment can come to you? 

 Imagine a patient that needs a replacement Epipen in a hurry or an Insulin-dependent diabetic in urgent need of insulin. In a consumer-driven market, a medically supervised phone app. could be tied to a pharmacy with drone delivery capability. In a socialized medicine environment, this could result in faster, more effective, better-monitored care while still reducing healthcare costs as it can happen at the speed of the internet.   

Join us at PKA Softtouch Corporation and transport into the future today: changing the world one painless injection at a time!  

Brian McKinley BA CFP, Director of Marketing, PKA SoftTouch Corporation

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PKA SoftTouch Corp. is a leading-edge research and development company that has created a unique, proprietary device; the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle. This revolutionary device will replace the outdated syringe in drug applications for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and veterinary industries by offering pain-free medication and vaccine delivery. Equity in PKA SoftTouch is now available at