Investors Racing to Medical Technology: Funding For Micro-Needle Keeping Pace

Investment in medical technology is high-potential these days, and quite frankly, attractive to savvy investors eager to get in on financing the answers.

Specifically, medical tech investment has moved to the fore in the midst of the sad reality of COVID 19, which has rocked our world and keeps right on rocking it. COVID has also stretched health-care capacity across the world, pushing investors and healthcare agencies and assets to invest in urgent new technologies for better and quicker treatment options.

Eager eyes are casting around for those disruptive technologies to answer to an aging developed world, according to a recent article in the Globe Investor April 19, 2021. 

And while PKA SoftTouch’s Micro-Needle’s painless, pre-loaded delivery device is not yet traded publicly, we’re seeking both savvy and new investors who are wise enough to see an answer to a massive problem in the world of injectables: one that will administer vaccines, insulin, and pain medications, to name just a few of its potential uses.

The Micro-Needle’s expert team is riding the crest of a successful wave of two equity crowdfunding campaigns, raising a respectable $412,000 exceeding the goal by over 175% per cent, and making possible the animal clinical trials scheduled for May.

Next up: human clinical trials crowdfunding, beginning at the end of May. We expect to raise at least $1.27 million to pay for these trials, with funding split between a public equity crowdfunding campaign using the well-known Frontfundr platform to raise $500,000, and the balance from private accredited investors.

Small and large investors have learned a lot about the norms of clinical trials for new inventions and medications thanks to the grim arrival of COVID 19 on our doorstep. Relentless media coverage designed to help people understand the stepped process of bringing a new vaccine to market has offered a crash course on the normal carefully paced clinical trials process.

While the vaccine development process, which normally takes ten years, was accelerated down to less than a year thanks to this global emergency, the stepped procedural norms for other developments still hold. Medical tech companies like ours must conduct extensive clinical trials to bring our products to market, refining the technology and confirming efficacy and safety to earn regulatory approvals.

Once our veterinary trials are complete, we expect to see veterinary pharmaceutical companies stepping in to license our technology, leading to a preliminary revenue stream.

What you need to know is this: we are a disruptor in the injectables marketplace because the Micro-Needle solves so many problems. Medication wastage is practically eliminated thanks for pre-filled bubble technology. The tiny needle that only goes 1.5 mm into the skin is painless and invisible – it only emerges when a plunger is pushed after the device is already against the skin. The shallow drug delivery improves the body’s medication uptake, and so fundamentally, it works faster than traditional syringe delivery, doesn’t hurt, and is safely disposable after use.

We’re imminently patentable, which plays a big role in shareholder value. And we filed for updated PCT status in the U.S., ensuring we retain the prior art of our unique device with our Generation VI device technology. More importantly, the PCT application extends most patents for an additional 20 years from 2018. We’ve got 23 patents in countries around the world including Canada, the U.S., Japan, Australia, India, and the European Union.

At PKA we know investors are eager for exposure to the life science space, because we are all talking and dreaming about the nightmare scenario we currently find ourselves living in.

So, the good news: the next equity crowdfunding campaign starts within weeks, and you can expect the human clinical trials to begin in summer of 2022.

We’ll let you know as soon as we throw the switch to start this next campaign. You can invest for as little as $500 and join fellow investors to become part of a profitable and game-changing adventure that will save lives.