New Micro-Needle Holds the Answer for Painless Medical Injections in Pets and Farm Stock

Once the patented Canadian-developed PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle becomes commonly used for animal/pet healthcare, veterinarians will no longer need to draw medications into old fashioned syringes from a vial, and more importantly, animals will feel no pain from injections. And, the need for sharps disposal will be completely eliminated.

How can this be true? The Micro-Needle works because of its innovative technology. The needle design is small, functional, invisible and easy-to-use. The tiny needle, which only emerges from its casing when a small plunger is depressed, can penetrate the skin of animals to a depth of between one and two millimeters where there are no nerve endings, and hence, no pain. It is designed to automatically retract inside its chamber, meaning it can neither be re-used nor abused.

PKA Micro-Needle’s inventors see real value in the delivery of insulin into the animal health care market. The numbers bear this out. As with humans, cats and dogs are also experiencing an increase in the onset of diabetes, with a 32 per cent increase in dogs since 2006, and a 16 per cent increase in cats over the same period.

A brief look at the stats tells the tale: One in 200 cats and one in 250 dogs have diabetes and receive an average of two shots a day. In Canada it is estimated there are 74,300 dogs and cats that are diabetic. In the U.S. the total number of cats and dogs with diabetes is estimated at 829,000.

How could such a tiny needle effectively deliver insulin into an animal? The Micro-Needle reaches into the interstitial fluid between the skin layers, and no further. It is this fluid that then carries the injected medication throughout the animal’s blood stream. As the skin is the largest organ in the body, it rapidly disperses the drug, twice as quickly as a subcutaneous injection does. Preliminary research shows the drug is dispersed twice as quickly over the conventional and painful syringe method.

 The Micro-Needle is made up of a top cap with a plunger, inner chamber, bottom chamber, spring, needle, safety cap and drug bubble. The device is made of injection-moulded plastic parts; the spring and 31 gauge needle are made of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel; plastic film is used to encapsulate the drug for injection. 

The Micro-Needle, which is used once and then safely thrown away, is factory-filled with accurate doses clearly marked on a coloured coded label, eliminating the possibility of potentially dangerous dosage errors.

The PKA Micro-Needle can be easily modified to treat larger or smaller animals with different drugs, making it easier for owners to inject the animal. Large animals can be approached without stress and danger to the owner/veterinarian, since they will anticipate no pain simply because there is none.

 Most importantly for those interested in investing: the insulin injection market for animals in Canada comes with impressive estimates. The Canadian potential annual health market in 2017 is $847 million (U.S.) and is expected to grow to $1.3 billion (U.S.) in 2024. 

PKA SoftTouch Corp. is a leading-edge research and development company that has created a unique, proprietary device; the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle. This revolutionary device will replace the outdated syringe in drug applications for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and veterinary industries by offering pain-free medication and vaccine delivery. Equity in PKA SoftTouch is now available

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