New (painless) injection technology; low-priced and incredibly easy to use

The purpose of our single-shot, pre-filled, pre-measured device is simple: to deliver a drug to the body of the patient effectively and painlessly. Our revolutionary technology, the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle, achieves this with every single application. About the size of a cork, our device, when properly applied to the skin of an animal or human, will result in a 95% to 97% delivery of the drug into the skin. This achieves effective delivery of the drug into the body with every use, which is a Health Canada and USFDA requirement.

Both Canadian and American governments require drug doses to be marked on the device. To enhance identification of the drug and dosage, our caps are colour coded and referenced to the inside of the box lid containing the device.

The device needle being 1.5mm long delivers the drug between the epidermis and dermis, between these skin layers, allowing a patient to painlessly inject almost anywhere there is skin on the body of an animal or human. This exceptional feature of our micro-needle has been tested and proven in two clinical trials; at the University of Guelph on dogs and at St. Joseph Hospital in Toronto on humans.

The device was designed to be used effortlessly in one hand through minimizing the hand operation by a single movement of compressing a spring. The device is incredibly easy to use and was designed to apply the same pressure one would use to operate a syringe. The simplicity of the technology allows patients from the age of 8 to 80 years old to easily administer medications using our device.

Another impressive feature of the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle is that it combines a syringe and vial of drug into one device. Since most of the components are made of injection moulded plastic parts, they can be made inexpensively. A few years ago, we costed the pre-filled device to be similar to a dose of drug and syringe on a volume basis. Generally, the cost is $3.00 CAN per device. As such, it is expected that the cost and ease of use coupled with the painless delivery will make the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle a replacement for syringes on the injectables market, interrupting the syringe market entirely.

A painless injection will be welcomed by many patients globally and our team are extremely excited to commercialize this innovative and life-changing medical device.

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PKA SoftTouch Corp. is a leading-edge research and development company that has created a unique, revolutionary and proprietary device; the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle. This revolutionary device will replace the ubiquitous syringe in drug applications for the pharmaceutical, health care and veterinary industries by offering a precise, pain-free medication delivery in a safe and effective manner.