Injections made easy and pain-free!

Easy Pain Free Injections

Do you have to give yourself, your child, an elderly person, or your pet an injection regularly? Did you ever think that the words ‘easy’ and ‘pain-free’ would ever be associated with needles?

That day has come with the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle. Our small ingenious device, about the size of a thumb, will bring medications like insulin, preloaded and premeasured, to people and animals suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes.

Incredibly simple to use, it can be hidden in a pocket or purse due to its compact size. In one smooth move, you can inject yourself or an animal by pressing a tiny plunger that releases the micro-needle. The needle retracts after the medication enters the skin and then locks back inside the device so it can’t be used again. It’s these simple design features that will drastically reduce, if not eliminate, accidental needle sticks.

The micro-needle is so tiny that it goes only as far as the gap between skin layers, where there are no nerve endings but instead fluid, which carries the medication rapidly into your bloodstream. It’s a breakthrough in the world of healthcare delivery and it’s protected by patents in over 21 countries, with more on the way.

No longer will people have to draw medication from a vial into an outdated syringe. No longer will people and animals have to endure the pain of an injection. No longer will people require a sharps disposal in their homes and workplaces – and say goodbye to the high cost of injection pens! Our vision is to change the way millions of people and animals’ function on a daily basis.

Imagine taking your children for vaccinations and it becomes a tear-free, pain-free experience. Stressful doctor visits can fade from memory. If you’ve taken care of family members at home, then you know the feeling of uneasiness when our loved ones wince as we inject their skin.

With approximately 900,000 dogs and cats living with diabetes in homes across North America, pet owners will also appreciate the benefits that a painless injection could provide for them and their furry companions.  Animals feel pain too and once a dog or cat learns that the syringe is associated with pain, they are much harder to catch for their daily injections.

This applies to large animals too. As our micro-needle does not resemble a syringe, animals such as cows, horses, and pigs will be more approachable for injections. Our technology was designed for safety and ease of use – to be used effortlessly in one hand. Animals won’t need to be restrained as they would for a syringe injection.

Later this month, PKA SoftTouch Corp. is moving forward with an equity crowdfunding campaign to perform our last clinical trials in both the veterinary and human markets. To learn more, click here. Watch our video and subscribe for updates about your opportunity to become a shareholder of our company.