PKA SoftTouch is the newest advancement in micro-needle technology. The easy-to-use, painless needle can be used by anyone after minimal training. It’s small, ergonomic design is pre-loaded with medication so it dramatically reduces the time to administer for medical professionals as well as patients.

Nurse’s share their professional view on the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle.

How can PKA SoftTouch help patients that need to take daily injections?

How easy would it be to train a patient to use PKA SoftTouch?

What would patients appreciate the most about PKA SoftTouch?

How does PKA SoftTouch compare to a normal syringe?

What would a child think of PKA SoftTouch?

How can PKA SoftTouch help with vaccine delivery?

How can PKA SoftTouch save time in a hospital setting?

Special Thanks

For taking time to share their professional review of the PKA SoftTouch Micro-Needle.

Aggie Dow
Nurse Practitioner – PRHC

Kathy Conley
Registered Nurse – PRHC

Nancy McDonald
Infusion Technician – PCNM