Our Product — the PKA Micro-Needle

Developed to replace the traditional syringe, the PKA Micro-Needle is a small, disposable device that painlessly and safely injects premeasured, pre-loaded medication. The device combines the applicator and drug in one easy-to-use dose, which is injected directly beneath the skin layer, rather than into the  muscle or fatty tissue. Because the micro-needle is so tiny, it only injects into the skin 1.5mm, thereby avoiding the nerves that cause pain, while delivering medication quickly and effectively.

The device is comprised of a top cap with a singular plunger, inner chamber, bottom chamber, springs, medication bubble made of special plastic film, and a needle of pharmaceutical-grade stainless steel.

Proven research shows that the Micro-Needle’s shallow drug delivery process improves the body’s medication uptake in a more efficient manner and without pain. The patient never sees the needle, which has the added benefit of reducing needle phobia.

Traditional Syringe vs PKA SoftTouch


Conventional methods of injecting drugs go through the skin deep into the subcutaneous tissue and interfere with the nerve endings, causing pain and less direct dispersal of the drug.


The PKA SoftTouch Micro- Needle is the only patented device that injects the drug directly into the skin layers avoiding the nerve junctions and the sensation of pain.


The big difference with a shallow injection is that the skin, which is the largest organ in the body, allows rapid dispersal of the drug into the bloodstream.

How it Works

There are three primary methods by which drugs may be injected: intramuscularly, subcutaneously, and intradermally. Most injections are subcutaneous and penetrate 8 mm into the skin and underlying tissue. The intradermal PKA Micro-Needle penetrates only 1.5 mm into the epidermal layer of the skin. It targets the interstitial fluid between the epidermis and dermis, which has three major benefits:

The unique PKA Micro-Needle device combines the applicator and drug in one pre-measured dose, which is easily administered into the skin. The needle is fabricated and mounted in the centre to prevent the obstruction of the injection channel while penetrating the skin.

The pressure required to administer the drug is minimal. Since the drug doses are pre-measured in the PKA Micro-Needle and ready for use, there is no mess, no over- or under-dosing, and best of all, no pain. Different dosages will be indicated by coloured caps, providing drug dosage accuracy and a level of safety currently unavailable.

After use, the needle is retracted into the housing and locked inside. This is critically important since it means no sharp disposal is required.

Remove from its sterile wrapper.

Remove the Safety Cap.

Place anywhere on the bare skin.

Gently press with thumb.

Remove from the skin.

Disgard in any waste basket.


Dr. Modi has invented a way to reformalize insulin that will stabilize it at room temperature. This achievement would provide an incremental benefit for the micro-needle device, as it will not require refrigeration for an extended period. It allows the user to have a number of these devices in a pocket or purse, for an extended period while they are away from their home and traveling to control their insulin needs.