Dr. Pankaj Modi Co-Founder and Inventor - About PKA

Dr. Pankaj Modi
Co-Founder and Inventor

Dr. Modi holds a Ph.D. in Biotechnology-Biochemistry-Photobiology, an MD Internal Medicine specializing in Endocrinology and Pain Management, and an MS in Polymer Science and Engineering. As the founder of PKA SoftTouch, Dr. Modi has over 40 years of experience in developing non-invasive drug delivery systems for various pharmaceuticals. He has expertise in drug delivery systems, published over 30 papers and book chapters. He continues as an Editorial Board Member for many drug delivery and medical journals as well. He developed the micro-injection device for the treatment of diabetes for insulin injections, vaccines and many other injectable drugs. His passion in this area also lead him to develop ORAL-LYN, an oral insulin spray delivery system. In his interest in pain management, he developed a wound-healing technology. His work has lead to more than 280 patents across the globe. Dr. Modi’s extensive post-graduate medical, educational background, in Canada, the United States and internationally, has enabled him to develop numerous relationships with key management and medical researchers with major pharmaceutical companies.